Versace Maximvs

Statuario White
Statuario White Megabarocco
Calacatta Bright
Calacatta Bright Megabarocco
Black & Gold
Black & Gold Megabarocco
Rose Venezia
Rose Venezia Megabarocco
Panda White
Calacatta Green
Galaxy Blue
Galaxy Brown

The luxury fascination of the finest marble finds its highest expression in the Maximvs project, which is the result of a careful selection of 8 different marble types, whose natural beauty is enhanced by the large slabs and the sparkling effect of the surfaces. The collection includes marbles of Italian origin, those traditionally found in noble residences, as well as other varieties with exotic appeal, characterised by colour accents that recall the opulence of precious stones.

Founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace himself, one of the most talented stylists of the 20th century, Gianni Versace is a synonym of Italian excellence throughout the world. Since 1997 the fashion house has worked with Gardenia Orchidea as a partner of choice, sharing both aims and values.

  • Details

    Surface: Semi-polished
    Thickness: 6.5mm

    Versace Ceramics Tile colors include:

    • Maximvs Statuario White
    • Maximvs Calacatta Bright
    • Maximvs Black & Gold
    • Maximvs Rose Venezia
    • Maximvs Panda White
    • Maximvs Galaxy Blue
    • Maximvs Galaxy Brown
  • Packaging Specifications
    Description Code Size PCS/Box
    STAT.WHITE LUX R VERSACE-67500 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    PANDA WHIT LUX R VERSACE-67501 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    CAL.BRIGHT LUX R VERSACE-67502 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    CALA.GREEN LUX R VERSACE-67503 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    BLACK&GOLD LUX R VERSACE-67504 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    GALAX.BLUE LUX R VERSACE-67505 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    GALA.BROWN LUX R VERSACE-67506 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    ROS.VENEZ. LUX R VERSACE-67507 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    ST.WH.MEG. LUX R VERSACE-67520 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    CA.BR.MEG. LUX R VERSACE-67522 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    BL&G.MEGA. LUX R VERSACE-67524 47 x 109" 2 PCS
    RO.VE.MEG. LUX R VERSACE-67527 47 x 109" 2 PCS
  • Technical Information