SICIS Diamond


The Diamond mosaic tile collection goes beyond the traditional shape of the standard chip taking inspiration from the diamond crystal form and brilliance.‎ The rhombus-shaped tesserae open new possibilities in creating new complex geometrical or floral patterns.‎ In addition, the collection is enriched by three-dimensional inserts made of transparent or opalescent crystal paste that allow more design combinations.‎ 

The mosaic tile collection counts more than 60 colors including Sicis gold and silver iconic hues that give to the surfaces a big scenography impact both for modern and for classical spaces.‎ 

All the mosaic tile materials have been studied for all the types of settings from interiors to exteriors, floors, walls and ceilings.‎ 

The Italian manufacturer SICIS revolutionized mosaic tile production by significantly simplifying the steps it takes to create a unique surface. With its expansion into the furniture and interior sector, this tile manufacturer brand offers its customers a truly holistic living experience.