Allure Slabs


Allure explores the mineral heart of one of the purest and noblest materials: marble. The collection’s six ceramic surfaces are grouped together in two special selections: Héritage, which includes Calacatta, Paonazzetto and Tundra J., and Scénique, with the Alaska, Riviera and Orobico varieties. Héritage celebrates the luminous perfection of classical aesthetics devoted to elegance and harmony. Scénique enhances the most modern and magnificent style, represented by exotic marbles with astonishing colours and striking vein patterns.

Two interpretations of marble that satisfy the most diverse stylistic requirements, ranging from residential to commercial, contract and public architecture. Allure is a collection of Kerlite laminated porcelain stoneware, large ceramic slabs with a thickness of just 6.5 mm that reach the impressive size of 120x278 cm. The technical qualities of the material and the stunning realism of the aesthetic rendering are combined with the unique antibacterial properties of Protect® technology.